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Orlando Brown Porch

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Orlando Brown House

Rear Porch Restoration

Frankfort, Franklin Co., Kentucky 

Restoration of the two story rear porch 

Addition of a handicapped accessible ramp


The Orlando Brown house was designed by Gideon Shryock and built in 1835.  
Today it houses the offices of Liberty Hall Historic Site and the Museum Store. 

Hawkins Construction renovated the rear two-story porch and added a handicapped accessible ramp.
 The completed porch restoration.  

Orlando Brown House before and during work

When work began in 2010, the rear two-story porch was in poor condition.  
Two rooms had been built onto the porch, providing additional living space, but adding weight to the structure and causing structural damage.
The bathroom on the left was demolished. The kitchen on the right remained but the furnace room was relocated

Hawkins Construction takes great care in protecting existing historic finishes.
The brick patio was covered with sand and plywood to spread the weight of scaffolding and heavy equipment.

Demolition of the bathroom on the second level porch revealed a mud-set tile floor
and damage to the brick when plaster was applied to the brick surface.

Removing the plaster in the bathroom revealed that the brick had been painted and roughed up to help the plaster bond to the brick.

The mason at work, cleaning and repairing the brick.

Some interesting items used as insulation in the walls helped to date the addition.

The door into the bathroom was replaced with a historically accurate window to match the others in the house.
The new wood bead board ceiling is in place.

The door onto the porch was not the original. Demolition uncovered framing for a taller, wider door.

A historic door found on site replaced the smaller door.
A new transom and trim were custom made to match the other rim in the room.

Once painted, the new door, window and trim look like they have always been there.

New brick piers, porch flooring and custom louvers were installed.

The new porch floor was stained.

New posts and railing were installed. The kitchen received new insulation and siding.
Railings were installed around the basement stairs also.

A new handicapped ramp is being installed from the sidewalk to the back door.

The railing was installed and brick veneer added to the sides of the ramp.
The brick sidewalk was added along the side of the ramp, reusing the old sidewalk bricks.

The finished ramp. Doors were installed under the deck to provide storage.

Liberty Hall Historic Site


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